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What We Offer 

Rise Dance Center offers a variety of classes for dancers of all ages and skill levels.  Whether your dancer is exploring dance for the first time or looking to expand their knowledge and dive deeper into their art, we strive to offer a variety of classes in a positive and encouraging environment. 


Gymnastics-based dance class focused on building flexibility, strength, balance and dynamic movement. 

Hip Hop

Set to the latest hip hop music, this energetic dance style integrates bold movement and lots of personality. As dancers progress, focus is on faster paced choreography and more intricate moves.


The foundation for most forms of dance, ballet training emphasizes proper body alignment disciplined exercises at the barre and center work linking movement. 


Jazz is firmly rooted in Ballet foundation and introduces dancers to a more upbeat expression of movement with similar discipline and technique. 


Expression, fluidity of movement and connecting the mind and body are expressed through the elements of modern, lyrical and other styles of dance.


A truly American form of dance, Tap creates rhythms, sounds and patterns through footwork. Musicality and coordination are key. 

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