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Dress Code

 IMPORTANT - Your teacher reserves the right to not permit your child to dance if these guidelines are not met. We must ensure safety of all dancers by wearing proper footwear and attire. 

Pink ballet slippers, pink tights and black leotards are required for all Primary - Ballet III Classes. Please do not allow your child to wear large skirts or other items in class that may distract from the learning process. Hair must be pulled away in a bun. Necklaces, bracelets and dangling earrings are not allowed. 

Pre K Ballet, Preschool Ballet and Toddler dancers in creative movement and ballet classes may wear any color leotard and skirts as long as they are not a distraction. Tights with proper ballet shoes are encouraged, however, your child may dance without tights if preferable. 

Ballet Jazz Combo classes should wear black or pink leotards, pink tights and ballet slippers. As we get closer to recital, we will decide whether they will dance in tan jazz shoes or ballet slippers. 

Black fitted tops or tank tops with black dance shorts or leggings or black gymnastics-style leotards are required. Please do not wear loose tank tops or t-shirts. Sports bras must be covered up during class. Bare feet only.


For Jazz ~ Any color dance shorts and/or leggings may be worn over dancers leotard or with a fitted top. Tights are optional. TAN JAZZ shoes are required for Jazz I classes only. All levels in contemporary and jazz classes level II and up are danced in bare feet. Contemporary dance clothing is anything that is comfortable and you can dance in. 


Any color dance shorts and/or leggings may be worn over dancers leotard or with a fitted top. A tank top or t-shirt is also allowed. Tights are encouraged. BLACK TAP shoes are preferred. 


Loose clothing is encouraged. Leggings and/or track pants are allowed as long as the knees are covered. Clean sneakers or dance boots are the only footwear allowed in hip hop class. NO jeans, bare feet or flip flops will be allowed for this class.


PLEASE NOTE: WE WILL NOT ALLOW YOUR DANCER TO WEAR SNEAKERS USED OUTSIDE OF DANCE IN THIS CLASS. We recommend hip hop dance boots and/or converse sneakers (low top or high top) as theses shoes are most commonly used for recital. 

Hair must be secured in a bun or ponytail (if not in ballet) in all classes. Excessive jewelry is not allowed. 

Proper footwear is required in all classes. 

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