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Health & Safety Protocol


Before You Arrive

  • Make sure you feel well. Please stay home if you or someone in your family has had a fever or sore throat / aches (or other flu-like symptoms) in the past 24 hours.

  • Bring your own water bottle and label it. The water fountains will not be available for use.

  • Leave your dance bag at home if you don't need it. Or, pack essentials only - water bottle and dance shoes.

  • Hip Hop sneakers must be clean. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Make sure hair is pulled away from your dancer's face. Dancers will not be allowed to take their hair down in class.


While You Are Here

  • Dancers should be dropped off at the front. You may park and walk your dancer to the door.

  • The lobby sitting area is closed. Class viewing on the lobby television is not available.

  • We will provide a Zoom link for parents to view their dancers in our Preschool and Pre-K level classes.  

  • All adults must wear a mask when entering the building. However, we encourage communicating with our office via email or phone whenever possible.  

  • Please limit arrival time to no more than 10 minutes prior to your first class. If another class is exiting, please allow some distance as they leave the studio.

  • When class ends, instructors will bring our young dancers to the lobby or outside to await pick-up. Please pick-up promptly.

  • Between classes, dancers must social distance in any shared space; wash hands well and often; and avoid touching their faces.

  • Dancers are not required to masks while dancing but we strongly encourage the use of masks when entering and exiting the building and in the common areas.

  • Dancers who wear masks during class will be allowed to take breaks for fresh air. 

Copy of Copy of Reopening Protocols.png

What RISE is Doing 

  • Sanitizer is available in each dance room. Dancers will sanitize their hands before and after class.

  • Instructors will wipe down hard surfaces before and after each class.    

  • Masks are available if needed. Instructors will wear face coverings during class.

  • Throughout the studio and within each dance room, the floor will be marked with tape to help enforce social distancing.

  • New filters have been been installed to limit the spread of allergens and particles that carry viruses.  

  • All floors will be mopped every day and swept in between classes as needed.

  • Props (including acro mats, stretching bands, etc.) will be used sparingly in class and single use only.

  • Our team will stay home if we feel ill or if someone in our family is sick.

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