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Health & Safety Protocol


Before You Arrive

  • Make sure you feel well. Please stay home if you or someone in your family has had a fever or sore throat / aches (or other flu-like symptoms) in the past 24 hours.

  • Bring your own water bottle and label it. 

  • Leave your dance bag at home if you don't need it. Or, pack essentials only - water bottle and dance shoes.

  • Hip Hop sneakers must be clean. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Make sure hair is pulled away from your dancer's face. Dancers will not be allowed to take their hair down in class.

Copy of Copy of Reopening Protocols.png

What RISE is Doing 

  • Sanitizer is available in each dance room. Dancers will sanitize their hands before and after class.

  • All floors will be mopped every day and swept in between classes as needed.

  • Props (including acro mats, stretching bands, etc.) will be used sparingly in class and single use only.

  • Our team will stay home if we feel ill or if someone in our family is sick.

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